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Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy. They were hiking in the Matra mountains when they realised that people need to have the opportunity to focus on those valuable things that the ancients passed on to us; the love and respect of nature and the Hungarian traditions. People used to live in harmony with nature and tradition, and there was no question as to why these traditions needed to be respected and accepted.

Today’s tendency is that people live separately not only from each other but from nature, a vital part of our life’s energy. In addition, the gap between our lifestyle and that of the ancients is also huge.

In the present times, we think that man is a singular unit, a speck of sand separate from the rest. Just like one individual cell can’t perform all functions in our body, one person cannot function individually. With no roots and with no respect to others and the surrounding environment this speck of sand will fly away and have no connection to real values and loose its real goals for existence.

We organise hiking/trekking trips in Hungary and the surrounding areas and try to help people connect back to nature and to the history and message of the ancients. We also act in protection of the environment and the Hungarian folk traditions. .

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e-mail: info(at)porszem(dot)hu
phone: 00 36 20 345 0055 (Timea Csizmadia)